“You’re traveling the world for a year…how is that even financially possible?” We get these types of questions quite often as we tell more of our friends and family of our travels. No need to worry. We have a game plan.

We consider ourselves “digital entrepreneurs.” We own our own businesses (websites, e-commerce stores, etc.) that allow us to work from anywhere and with anyone across the world. All we need is a laptop and a steady internet connection. We’re now adding the term “digital nomads” to our lifestyle as we travel the world over the next 13 months.
How did this all begin, you might ask? Ike has worked in the online advertising and digital marketing space for 17 years. This sector of work enabled him to travel down the entrepreneurship path and establish many different companies over the years. It’s an ever evolving and exciting industry to work in that offers tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth. Many stories to tell from the years in the digital industry but we can save that for another time.

Our work provides us with the means to travel and explore and we are taking advantage of this ability to the fullest now. This is by no means easy-peasy but it offers unique, new challenges. Palm trees, piña colada and laptops for a few of these days and then giving back and connecting with different communities for others. It’s work hard, play hard all around.


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we grow in different directions yet
our roots remain as one.