Who Are We?

Family Bios

Welcome madams and monsieurs to the Anderson family! We’re very excited to be sharing this journey with you.

Before we start highlighting tales of cuddling iguanas and trying out escargot for the first time, we would like to introduce each member of the Anderson family to you. We’re a dynamic bunch and each have a different story to share:

Ike a.k.a “Papa Bear”

Lover. Hugger. Talker. Those are the three best words to describe me. I love connecting with kindred spirits and diving deep to get to know people on that “next level.” Part of this contributes to one of my biggest passions in life: impacting the growth of humanity to love and realize that we’re all one. Though I am the most loving in the family, I am the most impatient. It’s quite a paradox but keeps things always lively.

And here’s a little secret I’ll let you in on: I’m stubborn as ever when it comes to change. Plans, schedules, calendars are my jam. If you need something planned and sorted, I’m your guy. 

Natalee a.k.a “Mama Bear”

Just as the nickname says, I’m the momma bear of the crew. I keep this crazy ship afloat and have my other half, Papa Bear, doing it with me. I was born in Jamaica and met Papa Bear in high school. You can say we were high school sweethearts since we married in 2002. Does childbirth, wrestling with toddlers to eat their food and balancing dinner time and work appointments count as adventures? If they do, then it’s been a non-stop adventure ever since…enough to write a movie script.

For years, I practiced accounting but then decided I love people more and wanted to have fun with them instead of numbers. So that’s what I did. My happy place is at the beach. I love adventures and new experiences. I deeply enjoy being in the company of friends, music, and dancing. More than anything though, I love my crazy family.

Jasmine – 15 years old – “The Dreamer”

If you don’t count the cat (Manni), I’m the oldest kid in the family. Since I’m the oldest, it’s my rules. I love daydreaming, dancing and drawing. You should see some of the pictures I’ve drawn. They’re pretty amazing. When it comes to food, I’m the most adventurous…I’ll try anything once. Jerk chicken? Of course. Frog legs? Why not! Uni (sea urchin sushi)? Sign me up! When I’m not trying out new foods, I love to cuddle up with Dad and watch a great movie.

Kaylee – 13 years old – “Glitz and Glam”

Passion is my name and glamour and glitz are my game. I love fashion and everything that sparkles. So, more the glitter, the better. Unicorns hold a special place in my heart, particularly unicorns that sparkle. In my spare time, I watch YouTube videos on how to take over the world. I see this a good way to train me to be a successful businesswoman when I grow up. I consider myself the most organized of my siblings. Nothing can stand in my way…except maybe lizards, especially iguanas. They just creep me out – so Mexico should be interesting!

Layton – 9 years old – “The Real Spiderman” (but don’t tell anyone!)

Just call me Peter Parker. I am convinced I am the real Spiderman, so I try to save the day whenever I can! I love to write and am exceptionally good at the illustrations for a lot of my stories. If there was a “Picky Eater” award in the family, I would win it hands down. Good news is though, I’ve been working on this lately so traveling the world will be fun to see what new foods I like! Just like Daddy, I’m a lover and have the most infectious laugh that will light up any room.

Manni – 16 years old – “Feline Extraordinaire”

Despite what Jasmine might think, I’m the “real” oldest kid. I like sticking to my daily schedule: low-calorie Purina cat chow food at exactly 7:05pm with a side of bottled water. No tap water please. That stuff is for peasants. I greatly appreciate my “me” time, far, far away from those ruffians that I lovingly somehow call my siblings. While the family travels the world, I get custody of Grandma and Grandpa. This should be fun! Looking forward to peace and quiet…meohhhm! * Commence zen mode *


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