Mom versus Dad: The Great Debate of Parenting Styles. Parenting styles differ. You never really notice this until you have kids of your own but once you do the differences (and similarities) come out. Each new experience with kids, ranging from how to handle low grades to celebrating individual achievements, presents a new challenge in how we, as parents, blaze the trail. Let us tell you, it’s never a dull moment.

Each of us was raised in a particular way and as parents we needed to work together to see what would work best for our family. A part of this is asking each: how can we blend pieces of our upbringings together to best benefit our children as they grow up and prepare for life? As a couple, we share similar beliefs in how to parent and what approaches to take. Coming from the same culture in Jamaica, largely contributed to how we approach raising our children. Each of our parents raised us in similar manners; these similarities helped in shaping part of our parenting philosophy.

Although there were many similarities, those alone did not create our entire parenting approach. Apart from the usual question of “what are we doing?!” when we became brand new parents with our oldest, one of the biggest questions we had was “what don’t we know?” Side note: being new parents is just one step…each time you welcome a new child into the world, the question of “what don’t we know” still exists in every stage of parenthood. As we now have pre-teens and elementary-school age kids alike, the realm of parenting only expands and gets far more chaotic and exciting.

There’s a world of ways to create a holistic parenting approach and we want to know how we can explore this world in such a way that we can create a better outcome for ourselves and for our kids. This holds particularly true as we are now taking on the challenge of parenting abroad. Over the course of the next 13 months, our intention is to expand our understanding of parenting, especially parenting while travelling with kids of all ages. Our travels will provide the ultimate challenge and ultimate lesson for us because it will create a new level of clarity in how we connect with our kids as individuals and as parents plus empower our decision-making skills on all levels.

Here are some questions that we define as core pillars to our parenting explorations during these next 13 months:

  • How can we inspire our kids to be independent thinkers while working in a collaborative environment and changing world?
  • What are tools and ways we can use and encourage our kids to build self-confidence and self-awareness from a space of love, connection and guidance from a higher power?
  • How can we balance the needs of each individual kid while in close quarters?

Part of being a parent is also having the time and ability to love and connect as individual grown-ups. As parents, it’s always a balance. As parents travelling abroad with kids, this will prove even more so. We want to take the time out to connect and love each other as husband and wife. As most will agree, Mom and Dad alone time is important for our growth and for the support and growth of our kids. The kids understand this and there is no confusion. The support and strength we provide each other manifests through our relationship and show the kids the morals and values we wish to impart of them. It’s all part of the journey of parenting and we take it head on.


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we grow in different directions yet
our roots remain as one.