Over the past few years, we have taken a step back from our busy lives to pay better attention in how we interact with our friends, family and overall environment. Through doing this, we’ve come to better understand how we show up in the world and ultimately who we are.

We often think, in these moments of observation and reflection, about how we can pass along observations we make to our kids that will most resonate with them as they grow. More than that, we ponder how these observations can help best address any questions they may have while going on life’s journey. Life is not merely about seeing and observing but about doing and experiencing.

One of the most effective and fastest ways to learn and grow, we’re finding, is through immersing one’s self in an experience and embodying it to the core. Our ultimate goal is to enrich not only our own lives but our children’s lives through such experiences. This motivation is one of the catalysts for our present journey.

Over the course of these journeys, we are striving to achieve a set of goals that will help us all grow as individuals and as a family.

Become closer as a family:
Through this journey, we seek to strengthen the bonds of our family and learn new things about each other.

Create lifelong memories:
As we venture from place to place, we are striving to form lifelong memories that will aide in the development of our children and provide stories that will last a lifetime.

Nurture a mindset of openness:
By experiencing many different things in new cultures throughout the world, we hope to foster open minds and hearts to learn and grow in new and unexpected ways.

Love and respect our environment and people:
By exploring the different facets of this world and experiencing different cultures, we want to embody the love and respect that all places and people deserve.

Connect with our ancestry:
We hope to continue learning about the paths our ancestors may have taken, understanding where we came from and connect with these places on a deeper level.

Learn to embrace a simplistic lifestyle:
Less is more at times…as the old saying goes. We have learn how to be content and happy with less things in our lives.

Experience and explore the world through our own lens:
We each view the world through a different perspective. We want to continue experiencing, exploring and growing our perspectives in as many ways as we can to become more holistic individuals.

Being supportive and of service to others:
We live in a global community and wish to instill this mindset in our children by encouraging community service and giving back to a world that has given us so much.

Have FUN:
While this is a journey of development and learning, we are always intentionally slipping fun in the mix! Playing on the beach, trying new foods and meeting new people just to name a few of our favorites.


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are like
on a Tree
we grow in different directions yet
our roots remain as one.